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What to do in Lille

Walking down the streets of Lille you will discover a city with a rich and ancient history.

There are many interesting sights in Lille, and the best way to visit most of them is of course by foot. If you wish to get a feel of the ancient city stop at the metro station Rihour to visit the Grand Place with its "beffroi" lined up by buildings that can be dated back to the 17th century (la vieille Bourse (the old stock exchange)).

The grand place also includes one of the largest bookstores (unfortunately most of them in French) in Europe called "le Furet du Nord". Walking behind the Grand Place you will enter the “old Lille”  where you can get pleasantly lost in its maze of cobblestone streets around the hospice Comtesse museum ( Alternatively, you may prefer to visit the Lille museum of ancient arts:  “Le Palais des beaux arts Lille”.

If you get hungry you can eat in restaurant and bar such as the "Bierbuik" (, or in a fancier restaurant such as "Meert" where you can also have a long (or short) French coffee (or tea) break while enjoying famous pastry ( If you have food restrictions, you can also go into several restaurants such as the “Handshake Coffee” where you will find vegan options.

All around the city center there are intriguing old city gates like “La porte de Paris” or “La porte de Gand”. Close to the latter you will find several restaurants called "estaminet" where you can taste regional food.


Weather permitting and if you fancy greener surroundings, you can walk around the Vauban citadel built in the 17th century with its 2 km circumference and the park surrounding it.

Finally, if you love fashion you can also enjoy French and world fashion in Mac Arthur Glenn in Roubaix (if you stop at the metro station Eurotéléport), at very competitive prices